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Button Christmas Tree Card

- Rebecca Sipper

This button Christmas tree card is perfect for any one who loves to sew! If you want to make a hand made Christmas card for someone this year, but do not feel confident in your drawing skills, then this is also a great craft for you.

Button Christmas Tree Card

I used some green buttons from my collection of inexpensive buttons to make this home Christmas card craft. If you have some green vintage buttons, new buttons, or mismatched buttons you can use any of them.

Let your Christmas card recipient know they can pop the green buttons off and use them for a craft themselves.

To get started making your Christmas tree Christmas card you Will Need:

Green buttons
1 yellow button
Card stock
Tacky glue

I used a pre made white card and envelop made form card stock in this simple hand made Christmas card. You can use any kind of sturdy paper that you have around the house.

Materials for making Button Christmas Tree Card

To get started you want to lay your green buttons out on the card in the Christmas tree pattern. This will help prevent any mess from having glue where you do not want it to show.

Now, pick up the first green button, add some tacky glue to the back and then press it back into place on the front of the Christmas card.

Continue this process until all of the green buttons on the front of the card. Finally, add one yellow button on the top of the Christmas tree as the star.

Let this tacky glue dry overnight. Letting the glue rest and dry completely will help the buttons form falling off the front of yoru Christmas card.

Some other options, if you like to sew, is to use some thread and a needle to sew each button on the front of the Christmas card. It looks great if you use some red thread to add that nice touch of read to the homemade card.

You can also use a super glue in place of the tacky glue. It will really adhere to the paper well.

Now, once all the glue has dried for twenty four hours your Christmas tree Christmas card is finished.

Before you mail your Christmas card you will want to make sure a regular priced first calls mail stamp will be enough money. Most buttons do not weigh very much, but if you used large or bulky green buttons to create the tree on the card, then you may need a more expensive stamp.


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