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Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Card

- Rebecca Sipper

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree CardThis pipe cleaner card is the perfect way to create contemporary Christmas cards in a matter of minutes. Homemade Christmas cards do not have to look country or traditional if you do not want them to.

You can use fun and fuzzy green pipe cleaners to make a contemporary Christmas tree to add to a homemade Christmas card. This contemporary homemade craft is fun, easy, and looks great!

If you do favor a traditional Christmas tree design, then feel free to create any style of Christmas tree you wish.

To Make a Pipe Cleaner Christmas card you will need:

Green pipe cleaners
Yellow fuzzy ball
Tacky glue or hot glue
White card stock

To get started you need some white card stock. You can simply buy pre made white card stock cards at the craft store or even cut out your own cards from sheets of card stock.

Now, you need to take a piece of paper and a pencil and trace your card on the paper. In this rectangle or square you want to create a line drawing of a Christmas tree.

I used simple swirls of zig zag lines, like you see in the photo.

Drawing this line first will really help shaping your Christmas tree on the homemade card much easier. Drawing this simple line drawing of the Christmas tree is a also a great way to create a pattern if you need to make a ton of homemade Christmas cards to fill your card list this year.

Now, take the green pipe cleaner and start folding it to match the line drawing you made of a tree.

Put the end of the pipe cleaner at the start of the line and start bending and matching.

Now, once the body of the green pipe cleaner tree is in shape you need to add some glue to the back of it.

I used tacky glue here, but hot glue would also work well.

Run a bead of glue on the back of the pipe cleaner tree. Now, press the Christmas tree into the front of the card. Use an old book to weigh the pipe cleaner Christmas tree craft down on the paper and hold it in place while it dries.

Once the Christmas tree has dried to the front of the card you can glue on a yellow fuzzy ball as the start on the tree.

It also looks really cool to use fuzzy balls in other colors and sizes to make ornaments on the Christmas tree. Simply glue the small colored balls on the ends of the branches in any pattern you want!


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