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Recycled Christmas Tree Napkin Ring

- Rebecca Sipper

This Christmas tree napkin ring is made from a recycled coffee cup wrapper. Recycled Christmas crafts and decoration are a fun way to create free Christmas crafts with the kids.

Recycled Christmas Tree Napkin Ring

The brown wrappers you find on those designer coffee cups from your local coffee shop are free, have great texture, offer a sturdy surface, and you can not beat the nice brown color.

Kids will need to use scissors or an exacto knife to make these Christmas tree napkin rings, so keep that in mind. Younger kids may do better to simply draw or paint on their Christmas tree with puff paint.

To Make a Christmas tree Napkin Ring You Will Need:

1 coffee paper wrapper
Scissors or exacto knife

To get started you want to pop open the coffee cup wrapper. Trim the edges of the wrapper down so that it has straight sides.

The wrapper can be as large or small as you want to hold your fabric napkins, but a god size to start with is about 5 inches long and 2 to three inches tall.

Now, fold the brown coffee cup wrapper in half.

This will help the kids determine where the middle of the Christmas napkin ring is.

Use a pencil to outline the Christmas tree right in the middle of the recycle wrapper.

Use scissors or an exacto knife it cut the Christmas tree out of the napkin ring.

I simply folded my wrapper in half and cut the tree out in one piece. Think of how you fold a sheet of paper in half to cut out a Valentine’s Day heart.

Now, pop the tree out of the coffee cup wrapper.

On one end of the brown wrapper you need to place a large glob of tacky glue or hot glue.

Press the ends together to make the from of the Christmas napkin ring.

Place a small stone inside mine to hold the Christmas napkin ring in place while it was drying.

Repeat this same Christmas craft until you have enough napkin rings for the diner table

Once the glue has dried you can remove the stone and insert a rolled fabric napkin!

If you want to add some color to you recycled Christmas craft you can use a little bit of paint and a dry paint brush.

Lightly brush red or green paint across the ribs on the coffee cup wrapper. The lower or indented areas will stay brown and the raised or ridge area swill catch the paint color.


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