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Recycled Christmas Picture Frame Ornament

- Rebecca Sipper

Recycled Christmas Picture Frame Ornament - Christmas Decorating CraftsThis Christmas frame ornament is made from a recycled coffee cup wrapper. The brown color of the recycled paper makes this one homemade Christmas tree ornament that blends well with country Christmas trees, natural Christmas trees, or even shabby chic Christmas trees.

If you do not have any left over coffee cup wrappers to make this recycled Christmas craft ornament, then try using an empty or old food box. They are usually brown on the inside as well.

To Make a Frame Ornament for Your Christmas tree You Will Need:

1 Coffee cup wrapper
Hole punch
Pipe cleaner

To get started you want to cut out a square form the coffee cup wrapper. This should be about 3 inches by 3 inches. You can decide how large you want your picture frame ornament to be.

I used the pre cut rounded top on my coffee cup wrapper to add a fun detail to the top of my recycled Christmas tree ornament.

Now, fold the small square in half. Inside cut out the center of the frame. You need to cut out the center, but leave a nice sized frame.

You will be punching some holes in the frame, so make the frame at least twice as thick as your hole punch.

Remove the center of the ornament.

Now, use a hole punch to punch two holes in the bottom of the ornament frame. In the top you will need one hole.

Now, take a piece of red ribbon or pipe clear and insert the ends through the hole from behind the Christmas tree ornament. Tie the ends in a bow in the front. Use the scissors to cut the ends to down.

Now, use a piece of green pipe cleaner to make a hook for your homemade Christmas ornament. The green will add some color, but if you want you can use a wire or pre made metal ornament hook.

Loop the green pipe cleaner hook through the top hole and twist to hold in place.

Now, cut out a small photo to fit the ornament frame. Run a bead of tacky glue on the back of the frame of the ornament. Press your photo into place and let the glue dry.

If you find that your recycled craft material is not as sturdy as you would like, then cut out a second square the same size and glue it onto the back of the recycle Christmas ornament craft. Two layers of cardboard will be more than sturdy enough.


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