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Christmas Fabric Drawstring Gift Bag

- Rebecca Sipper

This simple red and white drawstring bag is easy to make and can be simply hung on your Christmas tree as decoration. Small drawstring bags are lightweight, perfect for holding small gifts, and can be beautiful when hung on more sturdy branches on your Christmas tree.

Christmas Fabric Drawstring Gift Bag

Try making 25 of the small fabric drawstring bag Christmas ornaments. Inside you can put a small treat for the kids, like Christmas candy. Fun notes, bible versus, and almost anything can be placed inside each of the drawstring bag Christmas ornaments.

Have the kids open one draw string bag each day of December, just like a count down calendar!

To Make These Drawstring Bags You Will Need:

1 piece of fabric
Sewing machine
Ornament hook

Choose a fun fabric that will coordinate well with your Christmas tree. You can even use some of the kidís old cloths that they have outgrown. Use fabric paint to decorate plain fabric to coordinate with the Christmas holiday.

Now, cut out a rectangle of Christmas fabric that is 10 inches tall and 14 inches wide.

Fold all four sides in about ľ inch and iron them down to create clean edges.

Now, fold the top edge over about 1 inch. Sew this pocket down along the edge of fabric. Do not sew the sides shut.

Now, take you Christmas fabric and fold it in half. The good sides of the fabric should be facing in and touching.

If your fabric is laying out so the pocket you sewed is at the top, then fold it in half to the left or right.

Now, sew the small Christmas drawstring bag shut. You want to sew along the two sides that are still open.

Start at the top edge, right below that pocket you made. Again, do not sew the pocket shut.
Sew down the side of the drawstring bag, then across the bottom.

Trim any loose threads off of the Christmas ornament.

Now, turn the small Christmas fabric bag inside out.

Insert a matching Christmas ribbon through the pocket you sewed at the top.

Drawstring fabric bag for Christmas

Use this to close and open your drawstring bag.

Basically your Christmas fabric drawstring bag is finished. Add some nuts, candies, or even candy canes inside and pull the ribbon shut. Tie it in a tight bow. Hook a simple metal ornament hook through the knot of the bow and hang on your Christmas tree!

This simple drawstring bag can be made much larger to wrap awkward Christmas gifts as well!


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