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Easy Christmas Crafts > Christmas Crafts for Kids > Paper Plate Holiday Wreaths

Paper Plate Holiday Wreaths
Version to use with children between 5 and 7 years old

Paper Plate Holiday WreathsWhat you will need:

Large paper plates with the center cut out
Green washable paints
Paint brushes
Paint shirts
Disposable cups with water
Leaf cut-outs
Berry cut-outs
Candle cut-outs
Flame cut-outs
Glue sticks

* Although much better at crafts, this age group can still have difficulty cutting the various pieces of the wreath. Plan to precut the leaves, berries, candles, flames and the center out of the paper plate before beginning the craft.

Paper Plate Holiday WreathsInstructions:

Step one: Have the children completely cover the paper plate with green paint. Offer a variety of green colored paints. This way the children can be creative and make a wreath with various green hues.

Step two: Allow the wreath to dry.

Step three: With the glue stick, have the children stick the green leaves and berries to the wreath.

Step four: With the glue stick, have the children stick the candle so that it can be seen in the center of the wreath.

Step five: With the glue stick, have the children stick the flame onto the top of the candle.

Doing this version of the craft is great when you have a short time each day you need to fill with an activity. You can have the children do this craft for two days in a row, having them paint the first day and glue the second.


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